Bar Crawls are more fun on wheels, AND with customized t-shirts!

The Best Way To Do A Bar Crawl in Baltimore

OK, so you have a big celebration coming up and you're planning to do a bar crawl in Fells Point with all of your friends? Sounds great! You'll have fun I'm sure. Fells Point is obviously the best area in Baltimore to bar crawl! But if you want to take it to the next level and make it a truly memorable experience, I highly recommend doing it on wheels - Pedal Mill wheels that is!

Experience A Bar Crawl On A Pedal Mill

What is a Pedal Mill? Excellent question. The Charm City Pedal Mill is a 15-seat (10 seats are pedaling seats), pedal powered bike that's 17 ft long and 9 ft tall. It's perfect for bar tours, bachelor or bachelorette parties, company outings, morning workouts, historic city tours - the ideas are endless! It's covered so it shades you from the heat, and keeps you dry in the rain, and in the wintertime it's completely enclosed and heated to keep you toasty between bar stops. We also partner with ten of the coolest bars in Fells Point, so any of those bars you choose to visit will be setting you up with drink specials just for being on the Pedal Mill.

Why Bar Crawls Are More Fun On A Bike

I've mentioned in previous blogs that I had so much for on the Pedal Mill that I bought it. No exaggeration there! It's hard for me to put my finger on what makes a bar crawl so much more fun on our amazing bike, but I have some thoughts. First of all, it's a completely unique experience. I mean, how often do you get to work together with 15 friends to pedal a giant machine? Second of all, it's a communal experience. You really are working together to move the bike along, and at the same time everyone is facing each other and talking, and laughing, and singing along with their favorite tunes. Yep, you can plug your phone into our kickin' stereo system and listen to any songs you like. FUN!

Group Fun To The Next Level With Custom Shirts

Last but not least, would you like to have custom t-shirts made for everyone joining in on your bar crawl/party/event? We've got that covered for you! Yep, we'll add a custom slogan to our famous "Pedal, Drink, Repeat" T-shirts for you and your party, and have them ready and waiting for you at the bike. We've also just designed a special "Pedal, Drink, Repeat" t-shirt for bachelorette parties with a champagne glass instead of the classic beer mug. They are super cute. Try out a tour today! You'll get 25% off our heated bar crawls all winter!! Nearly one hundred 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor don't lie. :)