I liked it so much, I bought it!

I took my first bar crawl tour and never looked back

Hi. I'm Steve.  I'm an entrepreneur.  And before you go rolling your eyes and all that, I should tell you I'm not one of those leather briefcase carrying, Armani suit wearing guys you're picturing walking down the steps of his private jet as the sun sets perfectly in the background.

 In fact, I had to look up how to spell "entrepreneur."  Twice.  I'm just a regular middle class guy who never fit inside the box. Working for other people never really clicked for me, and being a creative type, I like freedom in my work.  In 2006 I opened an after-school education business on a credit card and grew it into a competitive business until I sold it in 2015.  I was just completely ready to look for another venture.  Something fun. Something different.  Um yeah, what does all this have to do with a crazy, giant, pedal bike that does bar crawls in Baltimore, MD? Excellent question sir or madam.  OK, so when I first heard about the Charm City Pedal Mill in Fells Point, MD, I of course immediately responded with a, "Charm City Pedal Whaa?" After an explanation (including a lovely sketch on a bar napkin) it was mentioned to me that the owners of the company were looking to move on and may be interested in selling.  I said, "OK, I wanna check this out!" And so I did.  And I was on this Pedal Mill for only about 5 minutes when I realized, "OH MY GAWD, IS THIS FREAKING FUN."  And I bought the company.  :)  

What makes us Baltimore's most entertaining tour?

So why is this Charm City Pedal Mill so much fun?  You know, I can't even put my finger on it, but that's one of the things I love about it!  It's so communal first of all.  And it's such a unique and different experience.  The first thing I thought while we were pedaling around Fells Point was, "It's like being on a boat in the middle of the street!"  I still think that.  Feel free to think I'm a little nutty.  Plus, since you're pedaling together with others you really do become a team.  And your team's goal is to get to the next fun bar to drink beer, or wine, or cocktails... Goooooo team! 

We've created the most fun bar crawl tour for bachelor and bachelorette parties 

I now understand why so many bachelorette parties and birthday parties in Baltimore reserve the bike for their event.  It's such a memorable experience.  Plus it's great for corporate team building since you work together pedaling around to the awesome bars to drink beer, or wine, or cocktails - oh yeah, I mentioned that already.  

We'll be offering heated tours for the colder months

We love this bike so much that we've already ordered a second one (in Blue) for Spring 2017, AND we didn't want to close in the winter time, so we "spared no expense" (name that movie reference) and will be adding heavy duty, see-through plastic coverage to the bike in October, along with a custom built-in HEATING SYSTEM.  Oh yeah, that's right! Seriously, we want you to stay warm and cozy like a snuggle bug in a rug!  (My apologies for that last sentence.) 

Well, thanks for listening, and we hope to see you out soon.  I'm certain you'll love it as much as I did.  But just so you know, you can't buy it because I'm not selling it to ya! ;)

Oh yeah don't forget.  PEDAL. DRINK. REPEAT.  :)