I liked it so much, I'm moving here!

Hi I'm Steve.  I'm the new owner of Charm City Pedal Mill in Baltimore, MD.  You may remember me from such blogs as the last one I posted about how I liked riding on the bike so much that I bought the company less than a month later.  Well, now I've fallen in love with Baltimore and I'm moving to Fells Point in a month.  Yep!  I've never lived in Maryland before either.  I've lived in PA, MA, OH, CA, TX, and NC, but never the big MD.  I'm looking forward to it!  Of course I want to grow the business because we just ordered bike number 2, and we'll be heating the bike to stay open all year round, but I also really like the area and the people.  Having lived in almost every corner of our great country I think I'm a good "judge" of a city's character, and it's people.  Baltimore isn't perfect, but it's not trying to be, and that's what I like about it.  I'd basically call it a blue collar town with pride, with down to earth people who don't seem to take themselves too seriously.  They're the "what you see is what you get" type of people.  The "hey, if you don't like me that's your problem, buddy" type of people.  My kind of people.

Once I get into B'more in October it'll be time to start adding new types of tours to our menu.  Up to this point, most of you have known us as the "PEDAL. DRINK. REPEAT." bike.  The "OMG I'm gonna need a day to recover from this night," bike.  The "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" bike.  Yes, we do love our bar crawls in Fells Point and Harbor East. :)   But we understand that the Pedal Mill (what we call our bike) can do much more than just pub crawls.  

Soon to come are morning exercise "PEDAL. SWEAT. REPEAT" Tours, "Non-alcoholic" Sight Seeing Tours, and hopefully Food Tasting Tours. We're really looking forward to adding these!   The Morning Exercise Tours will be driven by a certified personal trainer who will be motivating you to pedal to 2 or 3 different locations where you will be doing functional fitness exercises, then get back on the bike to scoot to the next location to do another exercise, etc... Then at the end, you'll get a smoothie (included in the price) at a local juice bar.  

The "Non-Alcoholic" Tours are for those who want to experience the bike but are not into the bar scene. We understand!  These tours will give people the chance to spend a little more time on the bike and to see a little more of Fells Point and Harbor East area in a leisurely manner.  They'll still make stops along the way to stretch their legs, grab a snack, etc...  

And finally, we're working on adding food tasting tours, where you'll get to enjoy something new and delicious at each restaurant as you pedal around with your friends, or with the new people you just met who are now your friends!

We look forward to seeing you out soon.  I'm quite excited about growing Charm City Pedal Mill and offering all of these new types of group tours for you Baltimore - my new neighbors!