Winter Is Almost Here And We’re Heating Up Our bar crawls

Heated Bar Crawl Tour in Downtown Fells Point

Heated Bar Crawl Tour in Downtown Fells Point


A New Approach To Pedal Tours This Season
Baltimore has known about Charm City Pedal Mill for 5 years already now, and for the past 5 years the Pedal Mill has been put away from December to April for winter hibernation.  Well, that won't be happening again!

As the new owner of Charm City Pedal Mill, I've decided that that's not necessary.  Baltimore needs fun stuff like this to do during the wintertime!  So, how are we going to get people to come out on our awesome bar crawl pedal tours in the cold??  Well, we've just added an industrial strength heating system and a heavy duty plastic cover to keep everyone warm even on the coldest days.  We've "spared no expense" (shout out to Jurassic Park) having the heating system custom designed and built by an amazing engineer who worked day and night to get everything just perfect.  He did an excellent job I must say. 

Our Prices Are Cooling Down
The plastic is attached by heavy-duty velcro so all you have to do is vrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiip! and you're on board. The Velcro reseals easily behind you.  To motivate you to try it out we've offered some great deals over the winter!  25% off the usual Tour rates. 

Offering Two Types of Bar Crawl Tours This Winter
We offer two types of bar crawls.  Private Tours are for private parties (birthday, bachelorette, family reunion, team building, etc...) of 7-15 people that pedal to 3 awesome spots in the Fells Point area.  Tours are 2 hours long, and everyone gets drink specials at each bar for being with Charm City Pedal Mill. Social Tours are for singles, couples, and smaller groups that only want to buy a ticket or two and join others on a bar crawl tour.  It's a great way to make new friends and meet new people.  Social Tours also get the same drink specials as the Private Tours and last 2 hours.   

Some more exciting things to come in the Spring of 2017 are: 

  • Morning Exercise Classes: In this early morning 60-min class, you’ll pedal to different exercise stations led by a Certified Personal Trainer where you'll perform functional fitness workouts.  Then get a free Juice or Smoothie from Corner Juice Bar!  All classes are appropriate for all fitness levels.  You train to your level of ability... and have fun in the process!!  
  • Alcohol Free Tours: Pedal to some fun spots in the Fells Point area including coffee shops, ice cream shops, bakeries, unique retails stores, etc...  This one is great for tourists, but also for people who just want to get out and experience scenic Fells Point on the Pedal Mill, but have no interest in the bar scene.
  • Food Tasting Tours: Pedal to 3 different local eateries in the Fells Point area and sample some delicious snacks along the way!   Enjoy the savory at two different restaurants, and then enjoy a sweet and delicious dessert at the end of the tour.  All food will be included in the price of the ticket!  Just another way for you to enjoy the unique, exciting, and communal experience of pedaling on the Charm City Pedal Mill in Fells Point, Baltimore!

We hope to see you on a tour soon!