+ What exactly is the Pedal Mill?

It's a 15-seat, pedal-powered party machine! 10 seats are pedal seats, and 16 people can ride if 1 person stands in the middle (the dance floor) of the bike. It's perfect for bar tours, bachelor or bachelorette parties, company outings, morning workouts, historic city tours - the ideas are endless!

+ How do we sign the Waiver?

Go to either our Homepage or Book A Tour page and click the "Sign our Waiver" button at the bottom right of the screen. Fill out the waiver and it will send you an email. Read that email and confirm your address. Show final confirmation email to the driver when you arrive. (There are no paper waivers to sign.) Each person must sign their own waiver.

+ Where do we board the Pedal Mill?

Tours begin and end on S. Washington St. (at Fleet St.) in Fells Point in front of Ale Mary's bar.) MAP HERE

+ Where do we go?

We've partnered with several great bars in Fells Point. We'll hit 3 of them during most tours. Tour Map and Bar Stops

+ How much do Tours cost?

For prices and availability, please go to our Book A Tour page.

+ How do we pay?

All payments are made through our Book A Tour page with debit or credit card. Just click on a "Book Now" button. Or, you can call us at (443) 956-6455 with your credit card info.

+ What can/t we bring on board?

Food is allowed! We have a good amount of storage on the bike for coolers. The ride is bumpy at times (but fun!) so keep it simple. Soda and bottled water is fine, but NO cups please. Your drinks will go everywhere. And, NO alcohol of any kind, and NO glass is permitted on the Bike. Thank you!

+ Is there a weight limit for the bicycle seats?

FOR YOUR SAFETY, there is a weight limit per seat on our bikes. The "bicycle style" seats are able to support up to 265 pounds. If you weigh over 265 pounds please sit only on the back bench of the bike. The back bench can support 2 people over 265 pounds.

+ Who drives this thing?

We supply an awesome human being who'll drive (steer and brake) and take you to some great spots. You guys can just pedal and have fun!

+ Do we tip the driver?

Yes please! Our drivers do work on tips. 15% - 20% is typical.

+ Can we drink alcohol while on board?

Right now the answer is no. We do not have approval yet from the city to allow passengers to consume alcohol on the bike itself.

+ What about some tunes?

We have a kickin' stereo system on board with an auxiliary connection – so bring what you wanna rock out to on your smartphone!

+ What if it rains or snows?

Unless it is a severe weather situation (dangerous winds, lightning, or heavy snow) we will ride! As long as the road conditions are safe, we're doin' this! The entire Pedal Mill is covered and will be HEATED in the winter months.

+ What are your hours of operation?

We're avaiable 7 days a week from 11:00am until 12:15am. If requested, we can start earlier.

+ What is the min age requirement to ride the Pedal Mill?

You must be at least 16 years old to ride. (Minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian). Entrance into the bars is dependent on the rules of the establishments themselves and not guaranteed if you are under 21.

+ How fast do we get to go?

The Mill reaches a top speed of about 5mph. (Not exactly greased lightning, but super fun!)

+ How tall do you have to be?

You are good to go at any height. To reach the pedals, you need to be around 5’3”. If you are shorter, let your taller friends do the work and take a bench seat!

+ Can we make our own route?

This is a possibility. Give us a call, we are open to suggestions! The Pedal Mill can go up small hills, but not the big ones. We just want to make sure it is a safe route and a comfortable one for your group!

+ What's the minimum amount of people needed to pedal?

There is no mimimum ticket purchase per person, but all tours need at least 7 people total to pedal the bike comfortably. (Just a few people can get the Mill moving, but it would be a serious workout!)

+ Is this still fun even though we can’t drink on board?

Of course it is! We have drink specials set up at local bars and restaurants throughout the route so that you can enjoy libations legally while still enjoying your tour!

+ What are the cancellation policies?

If you cancel at least 14 days prior to the day of your tour, we will refund your credit card payment in full. If you cancel at least 7 days before your tour, we will give you a "rain check" to use within 3 months. Cancellations less than 7 days from the tour date will not receive any refund or credit, and will be charged for the full amount of the tour.