BACHELOR AND bachelorette parties

We know all about Baltimore bachelorette parties.  It's your last few moments of freedom and you wanna enjoy them, right?!  OK, we kid, but we really want you to have a blast, so we highly recommend one of our Private Tours!

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Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

The Late-Nighter (The Cray Cray)

Meet the girls at 8:00 for a nice long dinner (and dessert), then take our 10:15pm - 12:15am Private Tour around Fells Point.  After your tour, walk over to another one (or three) of our awesome neighborhood bars and party 'til they close! Then... a few Ubers, lots of water, and zzzzz.  :)

Sunday "Chill" Ride

After a nice Sunday brunch, come out and take an afternoon Private Tour with us. A great way to enjoy the day and celebrate your bachelorette party with friends and family! You'll pedal to 3 fun bars in Fells Point where you can drink, laugh, have a blast, and still get home at a decent hour to be good to go Monday morning!


Everyone's Invited!

That's right Baltimore!  It's a bachelor party and bachelorette party in one!  It's a Bmore Bachelor-Bachelorette.  Invite all your favorite people along for a Private Tour and celebrate your soon-to-be big day, together. You gotta admit, it's kinda cute.  Hashtag... adorbs.


The Covert Operation

We understand that whatever happens in Fells Point, stays in Fells Point.  Your secrets are safe with us.  You know, I shouldn't even be talking about this.  We never met.  (This tour is good for Baltimore Bachelor Parties as well, FYI.)